Available for Bars, Private/Corporate Parties & Most All Events!
  Based out of Tampa... Serving the entire West Central Florida !!!
* Complete Mobile DJ Service!
* Optional Karaoke available at NO extra charge!
HUGE Song List  (both DJ & karaoke music) ... updated monthly!
* We use a tablet that can go online to access virtually any song!
Great Sound using Mackie 1300 watt "Thump" speakers
  & Mackie 1600 watt subwoofers for that extra bottom end, (if needed)!
* Up to 5 wireless mikes for group singers, toasts, speeches, etc.
* DJ Richie has many years experience as a professional 
  musician / entertainer / DJ / karaoke host & singer!
* We use dazzling stage & dance floor LED lighting!
NO CHARGE for set up & tear down time!
* We use a trailer, (shown to the right), that can be
  used as a billboard advertising karaoke at your club!   
* Reasonable & Negotiable Rates! 
* All major credit cards accepted!
* Discount rates for weekly/repeat bookings!
* We have a large following & mailing list alerting our karaoke fans             about new venues! WE WILL BRING CUSTOMERS TO YOUR CLUB !
Contact Us for pricing and availability
  (813) 920-8540  or  (813) 417-6506
Email Us at: longhornrichie@aol.com
Please sign the guest book before you go and check back regularly!
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Ashley H
(Taken from Thumbtack)
"Richie was amazing from start to finish. He worked with the state park to ensure he was in compliance for the event, even when he was asked for so much. I'm thankful for his willingness to make his customer's happy. He also showed up super early for the event and provided music as we were setting up. Our guests loved him and his music." (5 stars)

Christina F
(Taken from Thumbtack)
"Richie Hodge did such an excellent and professional job. He was very personable and friendly. The guests were so happy with the music that he selected and with the Karaoke. So many guests commented that having Richie as the DJ really added to the fun of the party. I was impressed with also the lights that he set up. I am very serious when I say that I want him to save next New Years Eve to come back and do it again." (5 stars)

Amy Z
(Taken from Thumbtack)
"Richie had the patience of a saint with more than 50 kids and at least 30 teens and adults! A GREAT time was had by all and there are already demands for a repeat next year! We can't thank Richie enough for making all these kids "stars". Almost $1000 raised in gift cards for groceries and gas for the Children's Cancer Center!!!" (5 stars)

Andrea S.
(Taken from Thumbtack)
"I hired Richie for my sister and her fiancé's surprise engagement party and it was definitely a great idea! He's a great DJ and even was able to set up karaoke for anyone to participate in, which was definitely the hit of the party! I highly recommend Richie's services for anyone looking to have great music and professionalism! Thanks again Richie!" (5 stars)

(Taken from Thumbtack)
"He was awesome. I've heard great compliments from my guests on the fab job he did. Would definitely recommend him to others having events." (5 stars)

Aaron S
(Taken from Thumbtack) 
"Richie was everything you could hope for and really made the party come alive!" (5 stars)

Brenda L
(Taken from Thumbtack)
"He did a very nice job for our function. He took requests and was accommodating." (5 stars)

Anonymous Review - Thumbtack Customer
(Taken from Thumbtack)
"Great experience. Really nice setup. Group had a lot of fun." (5 stars)

Jessica S
(Taken from Thumbtack)
"Richie Hodge is awesome! Our party would not have been the same without him and Karaoke. I will always use Richie for my karaoke needs and you should too!" (5 stars)

John G
(Taken from Thumbtack)
"Everyone at the party loved Richie and his music. We all had a great time. Highly recommended!" (5 stars)

Carrie M
(Taken from Thumbtack)
"Richie did an awesome job. He was friendly, prompt and super professional. Both the kids as well as the adults loved him. We will defiantly have him back next year for our community event." (5 stars)

Gary S  
 (Taken from Thumbtack)
"Richie showed up on time to set up for the party. We had an absolute blast. He even stayed another hour to keep the party going. Thanks Richie for making my daughters graduation party a night to remember. Great job! Highly recommend for any event." (5 stars)

Christine L  
(Taken from Thumbtack)
"Kids had a fantastic time...and karaoke is included...you cant beat that!"​ (5 stars)

Paul Evans
(Taken from Bark.com)
"He was very professional, non-stop music. Richie did a great job, I even had him stay 2 extra hours" (5 stars)

Whitney Gaztambide
(Taken from Bark.com)
"We used Richie for my daughters sweet sixteen party. The kids had a blast singing the night away. Lots and lots of songs to choose from. Richie even got the kids up dancing! Great night!" (5 stars)

Cheryl Forgang 
(Taken from Bark.com)
"Richie did an awesome job at our recent club party. Everyone had a great time with a lot of dancing and great music. Will definitely look to hire him again" (5 stars)

Mary Cameron
(Taken from Bark.com)
"Good mix of music. Very accommodating!" (5 stars)

TC Roberts
(Taken from Bark.com)
"Have you ever booked a karaoke event and had some half drunk sleaze show up in a Salvation Army suit with a $100 plastic Sam's Club sing along machine under his arm? You need High Caliber Karaoke with Richie Hodge!
  Then when things got a little slow, or everyone was having dinner and he had to carry on by himself prove to be the most God awful singer ever? You need High Caliber Karaoke with Richie Hodge!
 Did sleaze boy turn down 90% of your requests with “I don’t have that!”? You need High Caliber Karaoke with Richie Hodge!
 Did the crowds energy go up and down like a roller coaster because he didn’t know how to work a crowd and keep them going? You need High Caliber Karaoke with Richie Hodge!
 This a class act all the way!
 When Richie shows up, he brings a whole trailer with state of the art gear that cost more than a new car, along with a 100,000+ song library with everything from Auld Lang Syne and Happy Birthday to pop and country songs that were released last week!
  Dead air? No such thing with Richie! He is a second generation entertainer and has been singing and working crowds literally all his life. He sings like a professional because he IS, and always has just the right joke, comment or wisecrack to keep everyone smiling!
 Been burned before or just uncertain about what you’re getting? Don’t worry!
 This is as good as it gets! A 5 star show all the way!" (5 stars)

Paul R:
"Thank you for a FANTASTIC time. You were great. My wife who also attended the party must have said at least 5 times how good the music you were playing.
In addition to many other team members who said your services were great"
Thanks again,
Paul Rosen | Director of Human Resources and Office Management

Tina B:
"I would refer Richie to anyone who is thinking about having karaoke at a party or any event. Our experience with Richie as event entertainer has been a wonderful experience.Richie is versatile, reasonably priced and has a great personality"

Doris M:
"Richie made my husband's Birthday Party. He knew which songs to play to engage the most number of people. We would highly recommend Richie is a terrific Karaoke leader. In fact, several of my guests asked for his card so they can hire his expertise."

Alex V:
"Very friendly and flexible. Goes out of his way to give you an excellent experience. Came early to set up. Tried to gather guest preferences and was able to work a rather difficult party crowd into action"

Barbie Alderson:
  "The Tampa Bay Fall Roundup would like to thank you for the fantastic show you hosted on September 6, 2015.  Your readiness to adjust to the challenges that we faced to even get the show started was handled with the utmost professionalism and tact.
  Everyone had a great time and we believe that we have discovered some very talented people. 
Thank you again for a great show"
Barbie Alderson
Tampa Bay Fall Roundup Committee

Janee V:
  "This KJ is a talented musician that knows how to tweek the sound for each individual singer. He runs an organized show and keeps the singers rotation going without wasting time in between singers. I've been going to karaoke shows for many years and this is one of the best. Richie Hodge runs a professional show and we appreciate him"

Sam Cowart
  'What a great evening with everyone singing.
 As, I told you before I found and hired you for the night. I have a Karaoke party every year for the last five or six years.
The guy I normally used is out of business, So, I got online and got your number and I am so glad that I did. You did everything as promised and even added more special touches with the lighting.
You were on time and had all the books  that we needed.Your song list is incredible. So many thousands of songs to sing. You had many mic's for those who wanted group songs. Everyone had a great time. As, the host of the party, it is my job to make sure they have a good time. Well, when the singing started it was just one after another. There was never any down time. You were great and knew how to work your equipment and where to go for songs. You know it is a compliment when the police show up to tell us to tone it down. I am thinking they were talking about the bad singer's..hehe. 
I heard from so many people the next day what a great time they had and they all love the DJ. They told me that you were the best of all the ones we had in the past.
 So, if any client was to use your services, and if they have any doubts all they have to do is call me or my wife. Can't wait to use you again next year!"   
Sam Cowart

Lucille Anderson
Richie, I've been meaning to tell you this for awhile. You did such a wonderful job singing, and being the DJ, not to mention also being the MC at our Wedding Reception. We have received so many nice comments. You're the "greatest".

Louis & Deborah Tigue:
  "Richie does a great show very entertaining to all ages. We have known Richie's family for years and have gone out of our way to listen to him and others sing. He has a huge list of songs that are for all. Thank you Richie for the great times!"

Billy & Dona Allen:
   "We met Richie at an American Legion Karaoke, we have been friends and followers every since. His talent, showmanship and equipment are the best and we highly recommend him to anyone looking for entertainment. Top KJ...Most entertaining, most complete song listings.
Richie always goes a step beyond!"

Beccca Boyles:
"I can tell you from my own experience with Richie,that he's the best karaoke man around.He had been in my bar several times,and always did a great job"

Tammy Blackburn:
 "My husband and I are trusted followers of Richie Hodge. He has lots of music to choose from and as a person, Richie can make a friend with a Bull. Easy to get along with and has great experiance with being a DJ. I trust that you will be happy with his performance. "

Tim Guy:
 "Richie runs a top notch professional karaoke show.  He makes everyone feel welcomed.  The song list is up to date every time, The equipment and sound is top of the line quality.  He is very personable and once you have been to 1 show you will surely come back.  I have been in the Tampa area for 8 years and I have not seen a better karaoke."

Scott Connon
(Owner Smugglers Tavern)
"Richie Hodge! What a great enhancement to the night for a neighborhood bar! Music, Singing & Great Fun!"

Client Reviews
Richie performing with Nashville Recording Star
                      Melba Montgomery
Operating Full Time since 2002!
Sam & Linda's Private Disco Karaoke Party 
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(813) 920-8540 or (813) 417-6506 or email at longhornrichie@aol.com 
Please sign the guest book before you go! We'd love to hear from you!
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High Caliber Karaoke & DJ with Richie Hodge
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High Caliber DJ/Karaoke with Richie Hodge
High Caliber DJ/Karaoke with Richie Hodge
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