These photos were taken at the #1741 Moose Lodge in Tampa Florida on Friday, September 8th 2006.
                        Thanks to all who participated!!!
Mary & Wayne
Jackie, Gene & Barby
Barbara, Ada, Barby, & Jan
(notice Barbi is feeling NO
Barby & Mikey
Mark, Mike, & Gene (The Three Musty Steers!)
Michelle & Richie, (me)
Mark, Sissy, Denny, Gloria, Ken, & Sarah
Becky & Bob
Denny & Sissy
Tammy doing my work for me
Thanks again to all who participates in my shows!
We always have a real good time!

(All Rights Reserved. Any use of these photos without permission is prohibited).
Betty & Tony
*** Update ***
Wayne passed away Dec 1, 2009.
He will be greatly missed.
***** Update ******
Ken Perroz passed away while snorkling in the Cayman Islands on 5/27/2012